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Professional Learning

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Professional Learning Opportunities

Tooele County School District strives to ensure that teachers receive professional development and support that is substantive and relevant by various means:  professional learning communities (PLCs), instructional coaching, workshops provided by the state, district, and various organizations and on-going Professional Learning Series. This Professional Learning Series will give additional options and choices to teacher in completing the yearly minimum 6 hours of additional professional development outside of the school day.  This series will also provide teachers the opportunity to learn from their peers and other district personnel about knowledge and practices already shining in the district.


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Professional Development Calendar

The application below must be completed and submitted to your direct supervisor for a signature and submitted to the Teaching & Learning Department Secretary for approval of Professional Development/Meetings. Should the request be approved, the event will be added to the District PD Calendar. The facilitator of the event is responsible for scheduling the location/meeting room. Requests MUST be submitted by April 15th of the prior year. Requests after the April due date require a 30 day prior district approval.




NEIT New Educator Induction Training


New Educator Induction Training

NEIT is a structured support program for Associate, Professional, and District Specific licensed educators within their first three years in the profession. All Associate, Professional, and District Specific license level educators are required to participate, and all requirements must be completed within the first three years of service. The goal of NEIT is to encourage you to develop successful teaching skills and strategies as described in the Utah Effective Teaching Standards with assistance from experienced colleagues.