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Tooele County School District’s System for Curriculum

This document is intended to clearly articulate how credible and consistently implemented curriculum is formed in Tooele County School District. Classroom curriculum is the result of an intentional integration of multiple components. Each of these components and their role as part of a coherent curricular system is described below.

Curriculum Component


Who (responsibility)

Who (creation)


Curriculum Guides


Note: For courses without developed curriculum guides, teachers will fill the role of identifying essential outcomes, determining unit sequencing, and selecting resources.

A document specifying the state standards, essential outcomes, adopted program alignment, resources (district specified), sequence (where necessary), and rationale of all units included in a course.

Department of Teaching & Learning/ curriculum directors

Content committee: curriculum director, teachers, subject matter specialists

To ensure critical aspects of the curriculum are accounted for and implemented

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC)

Process: deep study of the course standards and assimilating with curriculum guides.

Product: An electronic spreadsheet specifying a viable sequence of weekly topics/big ideas, standards, program alignment, and resources (teacher specified) for a given course.

Principals and teachers

Teacher teams or singleton teachers

1.  To ensure teachers engage in a process of deep study of their standards

2.  To ensure classroom curriculum is intentionally mapped

3.  To create teacher ownership of curriculum

DAO Progression Plan

A sequence of daily DAOs leading to unit mastery

Principals and teachers

Teacher teams or singleton teachers

To ensure that teachers articulate a systematic sequence of learning outcomes leading to grade level proficiency