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Technology Department

Department Director: Bryce Eardley
Department SecretaryJennifer Benson
Field Operations:
Network Operations:  
Educational Technology:  
  • Thane St. Clair, Educational Technology Supervisor
  • Katy Challis, Educational Technology Specialist
  • Esther Barney, Educational Technology Specialist
The Technology Department provides service and support for voice, video and data within Tooele County School District (TCSD).  Three groups make up our Department:  Field Operations, Network Operations and Instructional Technology.  Each group has specific duties to support teaching, learning and business operations.  We support teaching and learning by providing devices, ensuring connectivity to the web and hosting or providing instructional technology trainings.  We support technology that touches every department, every school and every student within our district.  We strive to provide consistent, high quality, personalized service.

Help Desk Serv​ices​

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7am-4pm.  Individuals needing technology assistance can call 435-884-7799 or email  Our technology help desk provides information and support to end-users on TCSD computer systems and peripherals. Help desk personnel serve as the primary point of contact for all computer users.  Help desk staff troubleshoot and resolve technology issues often through remote assistance, relying on Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol. If a problem cannot be resolved through remote assistance, our help desk staff will create a School Dude work ticket and assign the ticket to an IT Field technician for repair.

IT Leadership:

Network Operations, Field Operations and Instructional Technology Supervisors work closely with the Technology Director, district administration, staff, outside agencies, vendors, and contractors to ensure high-quality delivery of services. IT leadership ensures that systems are successfully implemented, maintained and secured.  An emphasis is placed on developing short and long-range technology plans, creating and evaluating (RFP) requests for proposals, writing technology-related grants and managing technology operating budgets.

Business Applications and Support

The information technology department provides analysis, development, maintenance, implementation, and upgrades of TCSD automated business systems.  Such systems include but are not limited to:  Infinite Visions finance system, BMI, Aspire student information system, Versatrans Planning and Routing system, VMWare, Microsoft Server, and various operating systems.  Additionally, our staff provides technical and professional services relating to application support, end-user support, training, programming and development, data conversion and integration.  We work with colleagues in Utah school districts and charter schools, vendors and contractors to bring current technology research and development, system security administration and project management services to Tooele County School District employees.

Network Administration

The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff are tasked with network administration and specialize in the installation, maintenance, upgrade and repair of TCSD data network systems and infrastructure.  NOC staff troubleshoot and resolve network system malfunctions and deploy server-based systems and storage area networks.  Our staff provides network design engineering, network security, implement services for new technology, manage end-user systems.  The NOC also manages Barracuda e-mail SPAM filters, Cisco firewalls, Microsoft Exchange-based email and ensures maximum uptime on all equipment to provide end-users with web-based and client based services that requires access accross the TCSD network and to the Internet.

Computer Hardware and Software Management:

The information technology department installs maintains, upgrades and repairs personal computers and associated peripherals. We troubleshoot and resolve technology system malfunctions, provide end-user support.  With the assistance of the IT staff, the IT director reviews and/or develops district-wide technology-based standards and configurations, approves all computer hardware and software purchases, procures equipment and software. Additionally, the technolgy director tracks and manages related product licenses and contracts.

Educational Technology: 

The Instructional Technology staff within the IT department strives to provide instruction and training to all employees in: the use and operation of districtwide computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals and department specific applications.  We procure, develop and implement computer-training programs to meet the needs of students, teachers, staff and administrators.  Our Instructional Technology staff are well-respected by local and state agencies and as such heavily vested in use of Learning Management Systems, Digital Teaching and Learning and flipped classroom approaches to learning.  


Our IT department works closely with numerous telecommunications vendors in: installation, maintenance, upgrade and repair of Tooele County School District IP telephone services, closed circuit surveillance systems, licensed radio and paging/intercom systems.  We troubleshoot and resolve system malfunctions, provide end-user support and administer technology systems within Tooele County School District.