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Child Nutrition Programs & Services

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Child Nutrition Program
Welcome to the world that revolves around feeding children
What an honor to have such a vital role in the lives of our future leaders!




Did you know?

There are many services we provide beyond putting food on a lunch tray. Our goal is to educate the community on these services and various programs geared to providing TCSD students, staff, and parents with delicious, nutritious, and interesting food. We invite you to visit all our pages to see what may apply to your household. We hope you find the site informative and helpful.


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Students, and anyone else for that matter, can check what's for breakfast and lunch using the interactive online Nutrislice Program. Nutrislice allows the user to adjust settings to show various nutritional facts for any school meal item. Visit Nutrislice to get set up for monthly menu emails and to check updates or food-related news. If you haven't already, check it out, it's super cool!
Our elementary students learn about nutrition and are introduced to exciting fruit & veggies from all over the world through our weekly and monthly Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP). 
What is FFVP?
The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) provides all children in participating schools with a variety of free fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the school day. It is an effective and creative way of introducing fresh fruits and vegetables as healthy snack options. The FFVP also encourages schools to develop partnerships at the State and local level for support in implementing and operating the program.
The Goal of FFVP
FFVP is seen as an important catalyst for change in efforts to combat childhood obesity by helping children learn more healthful eating habits. The FFVP introduces school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to sample.
  • Create healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices.
  • Expand the variety of fruits and vegetables that children experience.
  • Increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Make a difference in children’s diets to impact their present and future health. 
Summer Feeding Program
We are committed to providing nutritious meals to every child in Tooele County when they are at school and during the summer with the Free Summer Feeding ProgramSimilar to our National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, Summer Feeding meals are sponsored and funded by the USDA. If you are looking for nutritious and delicious meals, stop by one of our locations to pick up breakfast and lunch for your children. Any child 18 years and younger qualify for the free program.
How School Meal Program Funding
School Food Authorities are public or private non-profit organizations that meet the criteria to operate school meal programs and have an agreement to work with the USBE Child Nutrition Programs.  All snacks/meals served in schools that meet specific program criteria are reimbursed through available federal funds.  There are three types of revenue used to operate school meal programs.
  1. Federal Funding:  The annual reimbursement rates are set in federal code annually.  Rates are posted on the USDA website for each school year  Some schools in Utah qualify for higher rates of reimbursement.  Meals served to determined "free or reduced eligible" students (live in households whose gross incomes are reported below 185% of the current year poverty level or Income Eligibility Guidelines) are reimbursed at a higher rate.  A lower per-meal rate (paid rate) is provided in reimbursement for meals served to children in households with gross incomes above the 185% poverty level.  Schools may also receive additional program assistance from USDA Foods, currently set at $0.3500 for this school year.
  2. State Funding: Currently, the state provides public schools with an additional per meal reimbursement for school lunches from a percentage of the revenue generated through state liquor tax. The food service program has first standing in receiving revenue from this liquor tax.
  3. Local Funding: A meal price structure is established for all students participating in school meal programs.  Schools may charge up to $0.30 cents for a reduced-price breakfast and up to $0.40 for a reduced-price lunch (meaning students live in households that meet the income levels outlined previously).  The state Child Nutrition Program office reviews and works with schools to set prices for students, adults, and visitors.  The food service program also sets prices for second meals or a la carte items.  The local education authority may also contribute additional funds to the non-profit school food service account.  Local revenue is deposited to the non-profit school food service account for allowable program expenses.
All Tooele County School District schools offer meals that meet strict USDA nutritional criteria. Portion size depends on the age group. Each meal meets calorie requirements for the week, saturated fat is less than 10% of total calories, with limited sodium, and zero grams of trans fat. To learn the exact nutritional values for each meal-offering, please visit School Meal MenusEach school offers to serve the following:
  • Whole grain product
  • 1 cup of fruit
  • Non-fat milk
  • A protein is not required but is often offered by TCSD food service.~ Students are welcome to take more than the offered serving of the fruit and veggie.
  • Whole-grain product
  • Protein product1/2 - 1 cup of fruit
  • 3/4 - 1 cup veggie of every color
  • Non-fat milk~ Students are welcome to take more than the offered serving of the fruit and veggie.
Students are offered nutritionally balanced meals.
However, we cannot guarantee the students will eat the items offered.
Getting State Assistance? Need Help Paying for Meals?
Free and Reduced meals are available to students who qualify. Qualifications and application information can be found by visiting the Free/Reduced Meals Application page. Applications need to be submitted via your parent Aspire account. An English and Spanish version is available.
On a Tight Budget?
If you want to know how much to budget for school meals, our handy Lunchroom Prices chart shows a breakdown of cost by month and year.  Whew, no more worrying how much to put into your student's lunch account.
Quick, Easy, Convenient PaymentsWe want to make it easy to pay for your student's lunch by offering free online payments. Learn all about how to make a Lunch Account Payment. You can pay by credit or debit card at your convenience - 24/7. You can even get a reminder when a payment needs to be made. How great is that?

Help Families in Need

Your donation can help pay for student meals. Visit the Donate to the Child Nutrition Program page to learn how to help students in need. Donations are confidentially distributed to whatever student(s) or school(s) you wish - or donate to nobody in particular and we'll find the students with the greatest need. Whatever you choose, every bit helps.


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