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Tooele County School District uses an electronic distribution process for sending flyers home to families. The delivery system has the capability to send fliers electronically to parent or guardian email inboxes. This service helps to eliminate costs to copy and deliver paper flyers.

To make a request for a flyer to be emailed to families, first register with Once on their website, click the “Register” button in the top right corner of the page and enter your account information and account type.

Do you qualify to send flyers through Peachjar?

To see if you or your organization qualify to send a flyer to TCSD families, refer to Policy #7004, Commercialism.  The purpose of using PeachJar is to encourage the distribution of information that supports the district’s educational mission and discourage the use of district schools and offices as open advertising venues.

  • Advertising by the District or by the schools is not to be construed as an endorsement for an organization or product.
  • The utilization of funds, materials, equipment, programs, or other contributions that carry with them any advertising or a commercial logo does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or product by the Board, the District or the schools. Neither the Board nor the District shall assume responsibility for products whose advertisements appear in or around school property.
  • Funds, materials, equipment, and programs that are made available to the schools by individuals or organizations must not be allowed to replace or intrude adversely upon adopted curriculum, infringe upon instructional time, or pose a burden or place undue pressure upon students, parents, or school employees at work, in the community, or at home.
  • Organizations may donate products that carry the company’s name/or logos such as soft drinks, food items, cups, t-shirts, hats and other token type rewards for school activities and fundraising events provided there are no obligations or added costs for students, patrons, school employees or the District.
  • Advertising in athletic programs, posters, and calendars, along with advertisements in school newspapers, yearbooks, literary magazines, programs for special activities, and similar publications are permitted provided such advertisements meet school and community standards.  The school administrator must approve all advertising found within these venues.
  • Political advertising and advertising for products that are prohibited by law for sale or use by minors such as alcohol, tobacco or other substances that are known to endanger the health and well-being of students or employees within the district are prohibited.
  • Schools shall not be used for distribution of political, religious, or commercial advertisements, flyers, bulletins, or newspapers; nor shall such items be placed on vehicles parked on school grounds. 
  • In an effort to improve focus on school communications, only Tooele County School District, Tooele Education Foundation, and PTA/Community Council flyers/handouts/advertisements will be approved for distribution via an electronic e-flyer program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; or other means as deemed necessary.  
  • Informational handouts and flyers that are district or school-sponsored will be distributed primarily through an e-flyer program. In order to limit the use of paper handouts, parents will receive an e-flyer directly to their email inboxes and the flyer will also be posted to each school’s website. This service is provided at no cost to schools or parents. This e-flyer process may include but is not limited to school newsletters, parent/teacher conference notices, PTA or community council information, school-sponsored events, education foundation news or reminders of non-school days for students. 
  • Informational handouts and flyers that are not district or school-sponsored will not be permitted for distribution by paper handouts or through the district's e-flyer program.  For-profit advertisement is strictly prohibited.  
Employees and Students as Sales Agents
  • Students and employees of the District, including teachers and administrators, shall not act as agents for commercial organizations during school hours or at any school-sponsored activity.  Employees may not use the influence, authority, or prestige of their District employment to promote or sell any product or service, or to contract for the sale of any product or service.
  • Employees may sell items or services to students on the condition that the employee receives no personal gain or benefit from the activity and provided the items or services promote school and District purposes and is approved in writing by the employee’s immediate supervisor.
  • School employees and students are prohibited from using District or school stationery, equipment or supplies for personal or private gain.
  • District employees are not permitted to accept personal payment or gratuity in any form from a commercial supplier as a precondition for purchase or a product by the schools.
  • A District employee’s participation in a private, but the education-related activity must be separate and distinguishable from the employee’s employment.
Sales Representatives and Agents
  • Sales representatives provide a good source of information about school equipment and supplies, textbooks and reference materials, teaching aides, etc.  However, the primary function of teachers, administrators and other employees is to serve students.
  • Sales representatives and agents shall not be permitted to contact students, teachers or other personnel during business hours without the knowledge and approval of the principal/supervisor.
  • Sales representatives and agents are not to be given time in faculty meetings or in employee lounges during regular business hours, nor are they to be provided with lists of employee names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Presentations to employees may be arranged through the principal/supervisor to be held before or after business hours.
  • Sales materials are not to be distributed to individual employees in their distribution boxes nor at their classroom/office without the approval of the school principal.

(Read the District’s policy.)