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Online School Options

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Tooele County School District offers two Kindergarten through 12th grade online schools for families to choose from.
The first is Blue Peak Online which offers courses taught by licensed educators within our school district. There are full time options available for K-12 and hybrid options available for 7th-12th grade. The student's records will stay in TCSD and the student is allowed to enroll or dis-enroll per quarter.

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Students can enroll or unenroll per quarter in the Blue Peak Online courses. 

Full-time options are available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

A la carte options are also available for students in grades 7th-12th grade. Students can take online courses while still attending face-to-face classes in the junior high or high school they are enrolled in.


Student records will remain in Tooele County School District.

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The second option is through our partner, My Tech High. There are full time options available for K-12. Please note the student's records may or may not stay in TCSD, and once the student enrolls they are asked to stay with the program for the rest of the year. If they decide to dis-enroll they cannot go back until the next school year. 

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Enrollment deadline is Aug. 21, 2020 for full-year enrollment or Dec. 1, 2020 for 2nd semester enrollment.

A student cannot re-enroll in My Tech High if they withdraw from the online school during the school year. They would need to wait until the next school year to rejoin the program.

Full-time options available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. 


Student records may or may not remain in Tooele County School District.

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For Dual Language Immersion students interested in enrolling in an online school -- We do not offer a DLI program through our online schools/courses. If you decide to enroll in an online school, we will retain your spot in the DLI program for up to one year.