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Blue Peak Online K-12 Enrollment

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Blue Peak Online is now enrolling Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

Parents and Guardians,
If you plan to enroll a 7th-12th grade student with Blue Peak Online, please ensure they are withdrawn from their junior high or high school prior to completing the Blue Peak Online enrollment form. After you withdraw/unenroll your student from their current school, their class schedules at the school you withdraw/unenroll them from will be deleted.  
If your intent is to keep your student at their current junior high or high school and you want them to take "extra" courses in addition to their class schedule, you can submit a course request for (2) "extra" A-La-Carte online courses via Blue Peak Online.  You do not need to enroll in Blue Peak Online if your student wants to take A-La-Carte classes.
Online curriculum is delivered via
Pathblazer and Edgenuity
content delivery systems.
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Click the icon to submit your Blue Peak Online Kindergarten-12th grade enrollment.
Q & A
Online Learning
for K-12th Grade Students 
    • Elementary curriculum will utilize the Pathblazer learning management system (LMS).  Students will be assigned an licensed elementary school teacher to guide student learning.  Students will login to the Pathblazer LMS portal and be able to work on Utah core curriculum.  Pathblazer will be available for students to login around-the-clock to accommodate on-demand learning.
    • We are not able to provide the Dual Language Immersion experience through online learning.  If your student transfers to Blue Peak Online and does not thrive, they will be able to re-enroll with their DLI school at any time within one year.  
    • 7th-12th grade students will primarily be working with the Edgenuity learning management system.  They will also be provided access to the Canvas learning management system for Utah specific courses and drivers education.  Students will login to either LMS and be expected to regularly work 30-35 hours per week on coursework.  Students must complete 24 credits (including all Utah State Board of Education required courses) in order to qualify for a Blue Peak High School diploma.  
    • A-La-Carte is program name or opportunity for 7th-12th grade students to take Edgenuity courses while attending face-to-face instruction at their jr. high or high school.  7th-12th grade students have been given permission to take (2) courses above and beyond their regular class schedule through the Edgenuity learning management system.  Should students desire to take more than (2) A-La-Carte courses, approval by a school administrator must occur prior to the A-La-Carte course request being submitted. 
    • First, unenroll/withdraw your 7th-12th grade student from their current Jr. high or high school.  Next complete the application link below.  The enrollment process will involve completing an online form and registering online at 
After withdrawing your student from their current school, a parent will need to complete the online enrollment form (see link below) and online registration found on the district's website.
    • No, it's simply different.  Some elements of online instruction are harder than face-to-face instruction while some things are easier.  The main difference between the two styles of learning centers on pacing.  Online learning allows for students to move at their own specific rate of learning, making it more individualized than what may be experienced in a cohort of students in a classroom.  Online learning also provides the option of "on-demand learning" allowing students and parents to take charge of when learning occurs.  This type of learning is beneficial for students who have difficulty getting up early to attend in-person classes or for those whose families travel frequently miss days of in-person instruction.
    • No, not at this time.