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District & School Climate Safety Supports

We Care About Safety
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Tooele County School District is concerned for the safety of every student and staff member.  A focus group consisting of representatives from various schools, parents, students, and staff members meet together quarterly to discuss ways that school safety can be improved. Your input is valuable to this committee.  Please email Jared Small ( your concerns, suggestions or comments.
Updated from November 11, 2019
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Parents as Partners provided community training for "Stop the Bleed" in partnership with the Tooele City Law Enforcement.  Schools have also been reviewing and updating their Mass Casualty kits.  The SHARP Survey data is in.  Schools are doing their data dives into the information to see how they can improve and support students.
TCSD has been able to obtain additional funding through the USBE Mental Health Grant to be able to provide Mental Health therapy services on a limited basis for high need students.  Forms have been sent out to the counselors and are available for administrators.  TCSD has sent contracts out to local providers that were on the previous list and posting for additional therapy services that may be interested. If you have additional questions, please contact Marianne Oborn at
Youth Court is fully in place.  Both schools and parents can refer students to Youth Court.  Youth Court is for non-criminal acts in which the student will receive some type of community service or training as the situation dictates.  Becky Bracken oversees this program for the county.
Our Student Resource Officers (SRO's) are doing a great job partnering with administration.  Each of our SRO's are working with their schools to offer additional training for students in the areas of Vaping, turning 18 and how the rules change, how to acknowledge strangers in schools, etc.  These are great partnerships and we appreciate the collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas.
Vaping and E-Cigarettes are an ongoing concern with our students as we work to educate them on the dangers of Vaping and E-Cigarettes.  Tooele High SRO has taken education a step further as he has been working with the health teachers to share data with the students.  He has shared his information with the other schools.  We are also working with curriculum for students who have been caught Vaping to educate them on consequences to their health and well-being.  We are also working with the Health Department in Tooele for additional training and supports for our students.
Bullying is still a concern for some students and staff.  Restorative Practices is being used and implemented as training is being offered to schools to help with conversations and relationship building.  Schools are also putting in place bully prevention strategies utilizing PBIS interventions.  This is an ongoing conversation as we work to narrow down where there may be an issue so we can support those involved.
SafeUT is still a major support for our district as a tool for students, parents, and community members to use to report concerns.  We greatly appreciate the students and those brave enough to report a situation.  We also appreciate the additional time our administrators take in responding to each tip individually.