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Self-Care - Ideas to Help Balance Life

Gratitude Journal - Write at least 3 things each day that you are Thankful for.  Don't worry if you miss a day.
Shutterfly link I found that I really like for ideas for a Gratitude Journal
Yoga - take a class or you can also purchase DVD's or there are also classes online
Plan for FUN - Data shows that looking forward to something positive has a great help on our mental health.
Get some Sun - Go for a hike, drive, walk, or just relax outside.  Vitamin D and sunlight are a proven positive support.
Exercise - It really can become addictive after you form the habit.  You can do this on your own - like go for a run or walk or join a gym.
Pick Your Go-to  - Reading, Shopping, Relaxing, Cooking (yes this one can be self-care for some of us), Biking, Spending time with a friend, Spending time with family, etc.
Social Media - Turn off notifications for work emails on your phone.  Give yourself a Social Media break - especially as you are winding down for the evening.
Meditation/Mindfulness - Deep breathing exercises and other mindfulness exercises.
Hobby - Take time to enjoy a hobby you have or learn a new one.  
Read - Take time to read a magazine or book - just for fun.
Art - Draw, color, sing, play an instrument. These have all been shown to help the brain to process better. 
Enjoy the Outdoors - Watch the sun set, go for a drive, just sit outside on your porch and listen to the sounds around you...
Write a Thank You Note - Doing for others and acknowledging them can be beneficial for them and us.  You can also write it to yourself.
Say "No" and Ask for Help - It is ok to say "No" sometimes and asking for help can actually be good for both you and the person you are requesting the help from.
Organize/Declutter - Our surroundings can impact our moods and levels of stress.  Having our surroundings organized and the sense of accomplishment when we do organize ourselves can be great self-care. 
..... You can GOOGLE "Self Care Ideas" and it will pull up a multitude of ideas.  Just find something that you enjoy and that fits you.