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Substitute Cook

Why be a Substitute Cook?



Never work another weekend, holiday, or late night,

and enjoy a long summer break!


Working part-time in the school kitchen

is your opportunity to be in a friendly environment

and make a difference in a child’s life

by providing nutritious meals.


The hours can't be beat!


Work while the kids are in school and be home to greet them.

 Pay is very competitive and lunch is on us! 



School Child Nutrition Employment Information



Personal Appearance/Uniforms:


Each employee has the responsibility to maintain a positive image to customers, visitors, the public, and fellow employees.


Dress, grooming and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and affect the professional image we represent.


Tops: Kitchen grade tops are mandatory for permanent cooks and strongly recommended for substitute cooks. Long sleeves are recommended to prevent burns. If you do not have any
kitchen grade tops, a professional looking top free of print and large logos is permitted, preferably in a solid color. Some kitchens have spare tops, be sure to ask upon arrival if one is available.


Pants: Black, Grey, or Khaki pants or capris will be worn Monday through Thursday. Jeans/Levis are allowed on Friday. Pants worn must be kitchen service grade to protect from spills and burns. Pants must be solid colors and non-transparent material. Pants need to be free of rips, holes, vinyl print, embroidery, and anything else that can become a physical hazard.


Footwear: Non-slip shoes must be worn while at work. A manager will notify the employee if their shoes are not permitted.



Child Nutrition employees must comply with state and county health rules and regulations of cleanliness and sanitation. They must also meet the standards of the Serve Safe (HACCP) principles.

  1. Aprons should be worn and changed as needed.
  2. Uniform tops will be washed at work.
  3. Hair must be restrained by using the proper hair restraints (slicked back with hair ties, hats, and hairnets). No loose hair will be allowed.
  4. Employees must bathe daily.
  5. Employees must use a good deodorant/antiperspirant daily.
  6. Fingernails must be short and clean. No false nails or polish are permitted.
  7. Appropriate gloves will be worn and changed often.
  8. Employees should not wear jewelry while working. Single band rings may be worn but must be clean and sanitized. Watches (including Fitbits), bracelets (including medical bracelets) are not allowed.
*If any of the above items are deemed to be an infraction by an employee. They will be dismissed from work until the infraction has been resolved.*


Qualities of a Great Substitute Cook:

  • Clean, neat appearance
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Congenial to work with
  • Interaction with students on a positive level
  • Dependability and availability
  • Must be able to lift at least 40#



Rate of pay:

$10.00 per hour for on-call work. No sick leave, no paid holidays for on-call workers.




Anyone working (3) hours and over may eat lunch at district expense.




Food Handlers Permit is required within the first month of working. Permits can be obtained online at or on-site at the location listed below.


Tooele County Health Department

151 North Main Street

Tooele, UT  84074

(435) 277-2440



   NoteThe permit is valid for (3) years. Keep a copy of your Food Handlers Permit with you at all times while at work in case it is needed for verification purposes.


Additional questions can be addressed by contacting the Child Nutrition Office at (435) 833-1920.