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Substitute Employees » Non-Teaching Substitutes: Hiring Process

Non-Teaching Substitutes: Hiring Process

Submit Application

Submit Application

Only applications received during a job posting will be considered.

  1. Complete the online application located on the Job Opportunities page.
  2. The application process can be started and stopped as needed. 
  3. Applicant must APPLY for the desired position that is posted.
  4. Upon completion of the application, select Save and Submit.
  5. Applicants must finish application submission in order to be considered for a position, and the application must be submitted prior to the closing date indicated on the job posting.

Verify Submission

  • After login into your Applitrack account, application status is on the left.
  • After clicking Save and Submit, a confirmation will state the application was submitted.
  • If a confirmation is not visible, there may be a required field that was missed. Refer to Status for details. All required fields must be entered to fully complete submission.


Please see any specific Job Vacancy for additional requirements and job description.


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Post Application Submission 

STEP #1 Interview Appointment 

Candidates will either be called to set up an appointment or may be contacted via email to self-schedule a preferred interview appointment. Once the appointment has been scheduled, the candidate will receive a confirmation email including interviewer name and location. These emails may be sent on different dates, therefore, we recommend candidates regularly check their inbox.


Email   Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

STEP #2 
Job Offer

After the interview, chosen candidates will be sent an email of job offer or rejection. The job offer is contingent on passing the background check. We recommend candidates regularly check their inbox.


   Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

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The Job Offer email will include information on the following pre-employment requirements:


   Email: Expect an email which requires your response.


Substitute Employee Paperwork Packet

  • A checklist is included in the packet to help track progress with requirements.
  • All paperwork must be filled out and signed as indicated. 


 Instructions for Paperwork Submission

  • Paperwork will not be accepted without an appointment.
  • The applicant will be emailed to self-schedule for a paperwork submission appointment.
  • Wendover, Ibapah, and Dugway substitutes can submit paperwork to the area school where interviewed.
  • Refer to the checklist included in the paperwork packet to help track progress with requirements.

          Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

Substitute Employee Handbook

Substitute is to sign and date the acknowledgment of understanding page, then provide during the paperwork submission appointment. 


 Fingerprint Instructions

  • Pay background check fee.
  • LiveScan fingerprinting at the District Office is required to qualify for employment.
    • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. for walk-ins.
    • Appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    • Contact the front desk at (435) 833-1900 for scheduling.
  • Wendover and Ibapah substitutes can submit (2) fingerprint cards for a background check.


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Post Employment

Human Resources/Substitute Department will email the following when the guest teacher is cleared to work: 
      Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

Welcome to AMS/Aesop
Upon completion of required paperwork and training, the substitute will be eligible for hire and will then be processed for employment activation and sent a "Welcome" email which includes the login and training links for Aesop, our absence management system. Upon receiving the "Welcome" email, the substitute is to: 
  • Log in to the site.
  • Watch AMS training videos.
  • Set up parameters for seeing and accepting assignments.

SafeSchools Training
This is a mandatory training that must be completed every school year. Once the hiring process has been completed in Human Resources, substitutes will be sent an email with instructions on how to access and complete the online SafeSchools training.
  • Substitutes will not have access to the video portion of the training prior to receiving this email.
  • SafeSchools can be started and stopped as needed.
  • SafeSchools may be done on a personal computer, a school computer or at the district office on computers designated for employee training. Please contact the school front desk or the SafeSchools department if you need to schedule a time to complete your training on one of the district computers.
Note: Substitutes may begin working prior to the completion of this training.
iVisions Employee Portal
An online site where employees have full access to their compensation records to review, download, and print.
District Email Account
All employees are set up with a district email account to ensure job-related emails are dispersed to all district employees. Employees are expected to check this account regularly for information sent from Tooele school staff, board members and the district office.

Please visit our FAQ page for additional questions.