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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.   If I am an active substitute for TCSD, do I need to apply again next year?
No. If you are a current and active substitute you do not need to re-apply as there is an expectation of work every school year.
Q.   If I'm currently a substitute for TCSD, but have been inactive for over a year, do I need to re-apply?
Yes, substitutes who have not been active for over a year are automatically separated from employment. You will need to re-apply and go through the Application and Hiring Process.
Q.   Where do I learn all the steps that are required to apply and work as a guest teacher?
Please visit for info and to apply.

Q.   Where do I learn all the steps that are required to apply and work as a non-teacher substitute?
Please visit the Non-Teaching Substitutes page.

Q.   How quickly can I begin working as a non-teacher substitute?
Once you are fingerprinted and submit completed paperwork, processing will take 1-2 business days. You will receive email notifications once cleared to work. You can begin working upon receiving these emails
Q.   How much will I make working as a non-teacher substitute?
  • Bus Attendant Substitute: $10.00/hour
  • Bus Driver Substitute: $17.23/hour
  • Cook Substitute: $10.00/hour
  • Custodian Substitute: $10.00/hour
  • Secretary Substitute: $10.00/hour
Q.   How much can I expect to work as a substitute?
All Tooele County substitutes are considered seasonal, on-call employees. There is no guarantee on how often a substitute will work. However, building relationships with administrators, managers, teachers and other staff, having a good work ethic and positive track record while on assignment leaves an impression which may result in being added to "Preferred" lists. Being on "Preferred" lists allows substitutes to see assignments more quickly which may result in increased work opportunities. A substitute may also get a personal request to sub.
Q.   How will I know when an assignment is available?
We utilize a program from Frontline Education called Absence Management System -  AMS (formerly known as Aesop). When an employee is going to be absent they input their absence in AMS. All substitutes get their own AMS website where absences can be seen and substitutes can accept or decline the work. AMS is also used to keep records of all absences worked by the substitute. AMS can be accessed by phone and internet 24/7. 
Any absence left unfilled zero to two days out will initiate AMS to call available substitutes to see if they wish to work.
Q.    For what schools will I be expected to sub? How do I choose my assignments?
AMS has a function where substitutes can choose the schools where they wish to work. Any assignments within those schools will be posted on AMS for the substitute to view and either accept or decline; therefore, the choice is left to the substitute.