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Guest Teacher: Application & Hiring Process

Learn what to expect before, during & after applying

for a GUEST TEACHER position.

We appreciate your interest in working with the Tooele County School District.  We encourage you to visit all our guest teacher pages to learn the expectations for the position. Refer to our Job Openings to confirm there is an open posting for guest teachers in your area.
   Hint: Click the APPLY button on your posting of interest in order for your application to be properly submitted.
   Note: Applications will only be accepted during open job postings.  
  • Applications and all file data become the property of Tooele County School District.
  • Applications can be accessed on Applitrack for one year (after the last time you updated) to submit to other positions.
  • All application and hiring status is sent via email. We recommend checking email regularly for follow-up information
There is no guarantee of employment.



  • Only U.S. citizens or aliens legally entitled to work in the United States are eligible for employment
  • Must have High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • To be considered for an interview, applicants must take the SubEssentials Introductory Course.


Job Posting Schedule - NEW starting February 2019

Beginning the first day of August, job postings for guest teacher positions be open until the last day in April of the current school year (except December).
  • Applications are only accepted during open postings.


Submit Application

Only applications received during a job posting will be considered.
  1. Applicant must APPLY for the desired position that is posted.
  2. Apply online through the Frontline AMS (Applicant Management System) and confirm submission. Candidates must submit their application in order to be considered.
    • Complete the online application located on the Job Opportunities page.
    • The application process can be started and stopped as needed. 
  3. Upon completion of the application, select Save and Submit.

Verify Submission

After login into Applitrack account, application status is on the left.
      • After clicking Save and Submit, a confirmation will state the application was submitted.
      • If a confirmation is not visible, there may be a required field that was missed.
      • Refer to Status for details. All required fields must be entered to fully complete submission.
Please see any specific Job Vacancy for additional requirements and job description.


Post Application Submission

Candidates are required to participate in the STEDI SubEssentials Introductory Course training. This course training is required in order to be considered for an interview. This training helps perspective guest teachers not only decide if they want to continue the application process but knowledge of this training helps prepare applicants for their potential job interview.

      Hint: Interview questions are based on this training. 

STEP #1 Pre-interview Training

Applicants can view the instructions and coupon code for completing the SubEssentials Introductory Course after their application is completely submitted - on the "application confirmation" page. Applicants will also be emailed instructions at a later time as needed. 

      Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

There is no cost to you with the use of a coupon code you will be sent after application submission.

  • Download and read the eBook
  • View the SubEssentials Video
  • Send SubEssentials Certificate by email or postal mail (Step #2)
Note: The SubEssentials certificate will only be accepted after submitting an application.

STEP #2 SubEssentials Certificate

After completion of the course, applicants are to sign & date where indicated and get the certificate to Human Resources/Substitute Dept.

  • The training can be started right away.
  • Submitting this certificate is required to qualify for an interview.
  • This training helps prepare candidates for the classroom.

Note: Any additional training completed at this point is at the expense of the applicant.

STEP #3 Interview Appointment 

Candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview appointment after HR/Substitute Dept. receives proof of completion.

STEP #4 Job Offer

After the interview, chosen candidates will receive an email of job offer or rejection – contingent on passing the background check. This email may be sent until after the interview is conducted. We recommend candidates regularly check their inbox.



The Job Offer email will include information on the following pre-employment requirements:
      Email: Expect an email which requires your response.
Substitute Employee Paperwork Packet
  • A checklist is included in the packet to help track progress with requirements.
  • All paperwork must be filled out and signed as indicated. 
 Instructions for Paperwork Submission
  • Instructions for Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury area will be indicated in the Job Offer email.
    • Guest teachers in these areas are required to attend an Intro to Guest Teaching class.
  • Paperwork will only be accepted during an appointment for the Vernon area.
  • Wendover, Ibapah, and Dugway guest teachers can submit paperwork to the area school where interviewed.
Fingerprint Instructions
  • Pay background check fee. Contact the front desk for the current fee.
  • LiveScan fingerprinting at the District Office is required to qualify for employment and is conducted on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. for walk-ins. Appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Contact the front desk at (435) 833-1900 for scheduling.
  • Wendover and Ibapah guest teachers can submit (2) fingerprint cards for a background check. However, cards require a longer wait time for employment. LiveScan is at the district office results in working more quickly.

Post Employment

All Tooele, Grantsville and Stansbury area guest teachers who were offered a job will be emailed instructions for taking the required SubSkills training course. Other school areas are not required to take this course, but must take the SubEssentials Introductory Course prior to working as a guest teacher - instructions will be included in the job offer email.
All newly hired employees must attend the New Hire Orientation. Tooele Valley Guest Teachers must attend the Workshop.
 New Hire Orientation Information
  • All new hires must attend this paid Orientation.
  • Dates will be emailed upon activation to work.
 Guest Teacher Workshop
  • Attending the on-site GT Workshop is required for guest teachers in the Tooele, Grantsville, and Stansbury area only.
Human Resources/Substitute Department will email the following when the guest teacher is cleared to work: 
      Email: Expect an email which requires your response.

Welcome to AMS/Aesop
Upon completion of required paperwork and training, the substitute will be eligible for hire and will then be processed for employment activation and sent a "Welcome" email which includes the login and training links for Aesop, our absence management system. Upon receiving the "Welcome" email, the substitute is to: 
  • Log in to the site.
  • Watch AMS training videos.
  • Set up parameters for seeing and accepting assignments.

SafeSchools Training
This is a mandatory training that must be completed every school year. Once the hiring process has been completed in Human Resources, substitutes will be sent an email with instructions on how to access and complete the online SafeSchools training.
  • Substitutes will not have access to the video portion of the training prior to receiving this email.
  • SafeSchools can be started and stopped as needed.
  • SafeSchools may be done on a personal computer, a school computer or at the district office on computers designated for employee training. Please contact the school front desk or the SafeSchools department if you need to schedule a time to complete your training on one of the district computers.
Note: Substitutes may begin working prior to the completion of this training.
iVisions Employee Portal
An online site where employees have full access to their compensation records to review, download, and print.
District Email Account
All employees are set up with a district email account to ensure job-related emails are dispersed to all district employees. Employees are expected to check this account regularly for information sent from Tooele school staff, board members and the district office.

Please visit our FAQ page for additional questions.



  • Guest teaching assignments are subject to availability and are on an on-call basis.
  • No one is guaranteed an assignment even after being cleared to work.
  • We may have a limited amount of openings to be filled during any job posting.
  • Not all applicants will get an interview and/or job offer.

Why choose to be a Guest Teacher?


  • Choose your schedule
  • Help the community
  • Sharpen your people skills
  • Supplement your income
  • Receive invaluable training
  • Express your love of children
  • Make a difference in education
  • Stepping stone to full-time employment
Do you want to be a teacher?
Being a guest teacher is the perfect way to help you decide where you'd like to concentrate your schooling.
Where else will you get paid to try out different schools, grade levels, instructional methods and various subjects?
You get real, hands-on experience to help you realize your strengths and where you need to improve.
Nothing prepares you for teaching
like being a guest teacher!