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Course Addition/Revision Requests

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TCSD Course Addition/Revision Request Procedure


In order to teach a new course in the Tooele County School District, a teacher/school must formally request that course to be approved by the District Course Approval Committee.  This committee was designed to ensure that the course offerings in our schools are content rich and rigorous while meeting the Utah Core Standards and aligned to Utah approved state course codes. 


Below outlines the procedures and expectations of the course approval process:


1.  Complete the TCSD Course Addition/Revision Request form in its entirety. This form will be returned and not approved should it be incomplete due to lack of information. Utah approved state course codes can be found at .  If a specialized educator license or endorsement is required, it must be stated otherwise note “not applicable” (N/A).  Credit type refers to Core (for specific graduation credit) or Elective.
2.  Attached to the TCSD Course Addition/Revision Request form must be an accompanying curriculum document utilizing the district curriculum guide template. There must be ONE complete template PER unit of study in the course.  A unit is typically thematic and spans 4-6 weeks, therefore the length of the requested class must have a curriculum reflective of the many units being taught.  To view complete and approved curriculum guides, visit the Secure Curriculum Documents page.  If any software or technology is listed in the curriculum guide it will need to be approved.  Use LearnPlatform to check for prior approvals or to request approval for new software.  Any class fees requested will need to be approved.
3.  Once the submitter of the course has completed all the support documents for the course requested, they must get approval from their school principal and counselor. Part B of the request form required original signatures from the submitter, principal, and counselor.
4.  ALL Course request forms MUST be submitted to Jennifer Atherley at the district office. Any forms coming to the office through other avenues will be returned as we are trying to ensure that course requests are not lost or misplaced by not following the procedure. Forms submitted by November 1st are guaranteed to be reviewed for possible approval in time for the new course, if applicable, be added to registration materials.  Any forms submitted after November 1st will be reviewed, but it is not guaranteed, if approved, there will be adequate time to add the new course to registration materials for the next school year.
5.  Courses are reviewed by the district committee at the next scheduled meeting for this group. The committee will then determine if a course is Approved, Approved with Modifications, Denied, or Not Approved due to Lack of Information.  The submitter will then receive their original request with the committee outcome via interoffice district mail.
 6.  Approved course curriculum guides will posted on the district Curriculum and Instruction website under Secure Curriculum Documents.