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Utah Aspire Plus (UA+)

The Utah Aspire Plus assessment is a hybrid of ACT Aspire and Utah Core test items. It is a computer delivered, fixed form end-of-grade-level high school assessment for students in 9 and 10. Utah Aspire Plus includes four subtests: reading, English, mathematics, and science. Students receive predicted ACT score ranges for each subtest, as well as an overall predicted composite ACT score range. The assessment also provides proficiency scores for end-of-grade-level expectations for 9th and 10th grade students in English language arts, mathematics, and science.
(Teacher 'Say' Script for use during LIVE testing-must be read verbatim for each test session)

Testing Times

  • English Tests: Grade 9 and Grade 10, 50 Operational and 9-10 Field Test Items: 45 Minutes
  • Math Tests: Grade 9 and Grade 10, 40 Operational and 5 Field Test Items: 75 Minutes
  • Reading Tests: Grade 9 and Grade 10, 35 Operational and 10 Field Test Items: 75 Minutes
  • Science Tests: Grade 9 and Grade 10, 36 Operational and 4 Field Test Items: 60 Minutes

Tests cannot be divided into sections. Each test must be completed in one sitting (unless student has an IEP or 504 accommodation for stop-the-clock breaks or for securely extending the test over multiple days).

Test Date
April 12
Testing Window
March 07 - May 13, 2022