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Readiness Improvement Success Empowerment (RISE)

The RISE assessment is a multistage computer adaptive criterion referenced assessment system that includes summative tests for English Language Arts (ELAs), Mathematics, Science, and Writing. The summative tests are scheduled to be delivered to the following grades.


Summative Test Grades
ELA 3-8
Mathematics 3-8
Science 4-8
Writing 5 and 8
User Guides 

Assistive Technology Manual 2021-2022

This manual provides an overview of the embedded and non-embedded assistive technology tools that can be used to help students with special accessibility needs complete online RISE tests. It includes lists of supported devices and applications for each type of assistive technology that students may need, as well as setup instructions for the assistive technologies that require additional configuration.

RISE Reporting User Guide 2021-2022

This user guide provides instructions on how to use the RISE Reporting System.

TIDE User Guide 2021-2022

This user guide provides instructions on how to use TIDE.

Test Administration Manual 2021-2022

This is the Test Administration Manual (TAM) for 2021-2022 RISE testing. 

Benchmark Modules Directory 
Resource Description

      Benchmark Modules

These documents provide information on the benchmark tests for math, ELA and science including areas covered and number of items.
RISE Blueprints 
RISE Blueprints These are the RISE public facing blueprints that describe the summative tests.
RISE Writing Rubrics 


RISE Automated Scoring FAQ [PDF]
Updated March 04, 2021

This document responds to frequently asked questions about the automated scoring engine used to score writing responses for all grades and all tests

RISE Calculators 
RISE Calculator Manual [PDF]
Updated March 04, 2021
Standard Calculator Link
Updated June 10, 2020
Scientific Calculator
Updated June 10, 2020
Full Function Calculator
Updated June 10, 2020

The calculator manual provides information and links to the Desmos calculator that will be embedded within some RISE assessments

RISE Cut Scores
RISE Cut Scores [PPTX]
Updated June 10, 2020

This PPT includes the cut scores for all subjects, all grades.

Item Type Tutorials
Item Type Tutorials
Updated June 10, 2020

These tutorials show each of the item types used.

Technology Resources

Quick Guide for Setting up your Online Testing Technology

Summative Testing Window:
March 28  –  May 20, 2022
(Teacher 'Say' Script for use during LIVE testing-must be read verbatim for each test session)
Reminder for Student Test Settings
It is highly recommended that RISE test settings (e.g., accommodations like color contrast are set in TIDE before a student begins a test. If changes need to be made to test settings after a student begins a test, they need to be made in the TA Interface (using the “eyeball” icon). Changes to test settings made in TIDE will not carry over to tests that have already been started. More details can be found on pages 5 and 6 of the Test Administration Manual.