Tooele County School District

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Our Mission

Riding in a school bus is much safer than using any other form of transportation – including personal vehicles and railroad and airline travel. According to the Transportation Research Board, part of the National Academy of Sciences, a child is 13 times safer in a school bus than in other modes of travel. Children driving to school or riding with other teenage drivers are 44 times more likely to be fatally injured than in a school bus. (The Relative Risks of School Travel, 2002.)
We are working hard to ensure a bully free and safe environment for students on the bus. We want to enlist your help as a parent. Encourage your child to communicate with their bus driver, teacher or administrator if they don't feel safe on the school bus. We ask that you impress upon your child the importance of following bus safety rules and to obey the bus driver at all times. Staying in their seat at all times is a must for a safe ride to and from school.