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Digital Education Center » (DEC) Counseling-Graduation Requirements

(DEC) Counseling-Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Utah High School Graduation Requirements
Students must earn a minimum of (24) credits to graduate from the Digital Education Center
with a High School Diploma
  • English Language Arts (4 Credits)
  • Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • Science (3 Credits)
  • Social Studies (3 Credits)
  • Directed Coursework (3.5 Credits) 
  • Fine Arts (1.5 Credits)
  • Career Technical Education (1 Credit)
  • Digital Studies (.5 Credits)
  • Financial Literacy (.5 Credits)
  • Physical Education (2 Credits)
  • Health (.5 Credits)
  • Participation Skills (.5 Credits)
  • Fitness for Life (.5 Credits)
  • Required Electives (5.5 Credits)
  • Pass the Utah Civics Exam
  1.  Students that want to be considered for graduation through Digital Education Center must earn a total of 24 credits (see the graphic above).
  2. Students must complete and pass the Utah Civics Exam with a minimum of 70%
  3. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor at least annually to ensure they remain on track for graduation.
  4. Students that request early graduation (and that qualify for it) must have their request vetted with the district's Case Management Team (CMT).  An early graduation form will need to be signed by the student, parent/guardian and a DEC administrator, before the early graduation request is taken to CMT.
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