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Digital Education Center » Online Education Terminology: What I need to know.

Online Education Terminology: What I need to know.

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As a parent with children in public education, what do I need to know to before making a choice about how my child receives instruction? Here are a few key terms we all must understand:
  • Learning Management System-
    • Defined as: software that can be installed on or operated via a computer (usually a Internet-based application) which allows educators and administrators to remotely provide curriculum, track student progress and enable and/or enhance student learning.  Learning management systems do not/cannot replace teachers, they simply guide instruction using technology as a common platform.
      • Tooele County School District uses (3) distinct learning management systems to deliver teaching and learning:  Pathblazer for elementary students, Canvas and Edgenuity for secondary students.
  • Split Enrollment-
    • Defined as: 7th-12th grade students being enrolled as a full-time online student, taking (2) courses at their home high school.  Split enrollment allows students to participate in all extracurricular activities and sports at their home high school.
  • A-La-Carte-
    • Defined as: Blue Peak Online courses (delivered via Edgenuity or Canvas) that students request while registered as a student at a jr. high or high school within Tooele County School District.  Students are permitted to take (2) Blue Peak Online courses in addition to their regular class schedule.  Students that request more than (2) A-La-Carte courses must have their school administration approve those courses.  Jr. high and high school administrators will contact Blue Peak Online directors conveying course approval.
  • Credit Recovery-
    • Defined as:  the process of students retaking courses they have previously failed.  Credit recovery does not remove an "F" from a student transcript, successfully passing a failed course is recorded with the code "CR" on the transcript.
  • Original Credit-
    • Defined as: the process of students taking and successfully passing a course for the first time.
  • Distance Learning
    • Defined as:  the process of students gaining understanding via secondary sources of information via technology, while away from a traditional classroom environment.
  • Blended Learning
    • Defined as:  the mixture of traditional teaching and instructional delivery via the use of technology (e.g. use of computers, tablets, websites, learning management systems within a classroom setting.
  • Flipped Classroom
    • Defined as: the process of allowing students to practice and complete homework within the confines of a classroom after students have participated in specific asynchronous instruction using technology (e.g. watching direct instruction on a concept which has been recorded and replayed outside regular school hours via the Internet or another source of technology, and then completing practice or assessment on that concept within a classroom setting).
  • Educational Technology
    • Defined as:  the use of tools that are rooted in sound educational practice and delivered with the assistance of technology creating a new or different mode of delivery to assist in student learning.
  • Mobile Learning
    • Defined as:  learning outside the confines of a classroom or more simply, learning anytime, anywhere.
  • On-Demand Instruction
    • Defined as:  access to synchronous or asynchronous instruction as the need or desire arises (e.g. teaching/learning at anytime of day or night via technology).
  •  MOOC
    • Defined as:  Massive Open Online Class
  • Virtual learning/E-Learning
    • Defined as:  learning through secondary sources usually via a computer device and the Internet
  • Virtual School/E-School
    • Defined as:  a school that provides teaching and learning through non-traditional means.  Curriculum and/or instruction delivered via the Internet to students or adults registered with a specific entity.
  • Accreditation
    • Defined as:  the process of an authorized entity officially acknowledging a school or program as being qualified to perform a particular activity or specific action.
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