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Digital Education Center » Snow College Accelerated Associates Degree Program

Snow College Accelerated Associates Degree Program

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Students must be enrolled with the Digital Education Center (full-time), for Snow College Fall and Spring semester tuition costs to be covered by Tooele County School District.  
Interested in earning your Associates Degree while in high school? Here are a few notable components to the program:
  • Flexible, self-paced, competency-based learning
  • Unlimited credits, earn as many credits as you are able
  • Transparent grading
  • Accredited:  grades are transferable
  • *Dual credit:  credits earned count towards high school and college 
  • Supported by Snow College & Digital Education Center faculty and staff
  • Affordable: no cost to Digital Education Center students as their main course of study (fall and spring semesters are covered)
  • Four month semesters (fall and spring). The costs associated with summer semester are not covered by this program
  • The accelerated Snow College Associate's Degree program is available to 9th-12th grade students enrolled in the Digital Education Center.
* A Digital Education Center diploma will be awarded when a student fulfills all graduation requirements.
Additional inquires about the Snow College Accelerate Associates Degree program can be directed to:
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