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(DEC) Cumulative Exams

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At the end of each course, students are given a final examination, commonly referred to as a cumulative exam. The purpose of the exam is given to show the cumulative knowledge a student has acquired while taking a course.  A Digital Education Center proctor is an adult employee who directly administers and supervises students taking a cumulative test.  Digital Education Center proctors can be:  
    • A member of the Adult Education Staff at the Community Learning Center
    • A member of the staff in the Digital Education Center offices (e.g. director, assistant director, special education teacher, registrar, academic coach etc.)
    • A designee authorized by Digital Education Center administration
    • Full-time Digital Education Center students:
      • The primary location for proctored cumulative examinations is in the Online Lab located within the Community Learning Center 211 S. Tooele Blvd. Tooele, UT 84074.
    • A-La-Carte courses (online courses taken by students who attend a boundary high school full-time):
      • In a lab managed by a credit recovery teacher (located at the student's boundary high school)
    • Examination Times:  Monday-Wednesday 8am-8pm, Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-12pm.  Students need to plan on 1 hour per examination.
    • Students must bring photo identification for verification before a cumulative exam can be administered.
    • Students taking a cumulative exam are required to power down personal devices including but not limited to: cellular phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and other personal devices connected to the Internet which may be used to obtain answers to test questions.  Failure to power down Internet capable personal devices may result in the student being required to retake the exam at another time and/or location.
    • Students taking a cumulative exam must remain seated at the designated exam station until completion of the test.  Leaving the workstation will result in the test being reset, requiring students to start over on the cumulative exam.
    • Students must comply with the Digital Education Center academic integrity policy.  Students caught cheating on a cumulative exam can face consequences such as:  failing the exam, failing the course, being required to repeat the course, suspension from the course or expulsion from the Digital Education Center.
    • Students caught opening multiple browsers or tabs/pages within the same browser (e.g. Chrome) are presumed to be cheating and therefore in violation of the academic integrity policy.
    • Students must comply with exam directives given by proctors, failure to do so may result in receiving consequences described above.
    • Digital Education Center students may use notes taken in Edgenuity during all cumulative exams.
    • After students complete the cumulative exam, they need to speak with the proctor if they want to complete other outstanding cumulative exams.  If no other exams will be taken during the current setting, students should log out of their Edgenuity account and sign out of the attendance roster prior to leaving the building.
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