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Digital Education Center and My Tech High-Tooele
Special Education Services
Digital Education Center Special Education Staff:
IEP = Individualized Education Plan




Special Education Policies,

Procedures & Services

Updated: August 2021

This information can be downloaded as a PDF

see file at the top of the screen.







● Planned absences should be reported 24 hours in advance to each special education provider

scheduled. We understand that unforeseen circumstances arise such as illness or emergencies, but ask

that you please notify your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible if your child will be absent.

● Absence must be excused by the parent/guardian within 3 school days of any absence by emailing or

calling their teacher for the following reasons: illness, medical or dental appointments, funerals, half

day for driver’s license acquisition, or emergencies (which are in accordance with Utah State Law).

● An “unexcused absence” will indicate that the parent reported that the student will be absent from

classes for reasons that do not meet the criteria for an excused absence: i.e., slept in, needed at home,

out of town (unless prior approved), shopping, etc.

● Students will be marked with an “unexcused absence” if the teacher has waited for them to join their

online class after 10 minutes without prior notice. Within the 10 minutes students will be marked


● If the student is a My Tech High student: After two weeks of consecutive absences, the Digital Education Center

will notify My Tech High of the absences and My Tech High’s attendance policy will take effect.

● Should a provider be absent, classes will be rescheduled, a substitute will be made available or virtual

substitute plans will be provided and expected to complete.

● Special Education services follow Tooele County School District’s calendar.


Special Education Evaluations

● All special education evaluations will be held at the Community Learning Center located at 211 South Tooele Boulevard, Tooele, UT 84074

● Parents are responsible for transporting their student in order for these standardized assessments to

be given with fidelity. Some assessments will be given virtually but proctored in person at the Digital Education Center.

● Parents have the right to request an evaluation by contacting the special education department at the Digital Education Center.

● Your procedural safeguards can be found here. Please contact a member of the special education staff

with any questions.



● Special education services will be provided according to student’s IEPs.

● Classes will be held virtually with groups of 3-10 students. Unless the student requires 1:1 services as

documented in their IEP, students may be provided services with other students.

● We ask that students not log on for services more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class as

teachers are meeting with other students.

● A member of the special education team will be contacting you when it is time to schedule a new IEP

or evaluation for your student. If you ever want to meet to go over concerns, questions or to discuss

adjusting your child’s IEP, please contact your child’s special education teacher. You are a vital part of

the IEP team.


Technology & Materials

● Academic services are provided through Zoom, a virtual meeting service. Personal meeting IDs are

individual to each provider. Class meeting IDs will remain the same throughout the year for each


o If you do not have a zoom account, click here to set up a FREE account!

o Zoom support and tutorials can be found here.

● IEP meetings will have individual meeting IDs to ensure confidentiality. These will be sent prior to the

IEP meeting.

● Students have access to a email address, resources through Office365 as well as

google suite resources. (gmail, google chat, and google hangouts have been disabled for security


● Students must follow Tooele County School District’s Acceptable Use Policy.

● Students need to be seated upright at a desk or table in a quiet room free from distractions.

Headphones are highly encouraged.

● Student microphones and cameras need to be working properly and turned on for the duration of


● Students need access to pencil/paper or a personal whiteboard during class.

Google Classroom

● Most of assigned academic homework and classwork will be done via google classroom and google drive

● Every student will be provided their personal login and password – passwords are not to be changed.

● Parents and students should check classroom pages weekly to monitor missing work.

● Students are able to comment on class announcements, but are not able to post their own information

for security and confidentiality purposes. Please email your teacher with any questions.

● Homework is minimal, but needs to be completed on time to ensure students have multiple

opportunities for mastery.


My Tech High: Outside Providers

● Tooele County School District contracts with outside virtual providers for related services such as

speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

● For 2021-22 school year the provider will be ETP.

  • This is a fantastic website that parents, teachers and administrators can use to address unique student needs.
  • Special Education Teacher Assistance Teams (STAT)
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