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Credit Recovery Questions

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Often asked questions concerning credit recovery:
1.  Is credit recovery available at my child's high school?
     Yes, credit recovery is facilitated by designated staff at Tooele County School District's six high schools (Blue Peak High,
      Dugway, Grantsville High, Stansbury High, Tooele High and Wendover High).
2.  Is there a cost to credit recovery?
     No, not from Blue Peak Online.
3.  What is the process my child needs to go through to begin the credit recovery process?
      The credit recovery process should always start with you and your child meeting with their high school counselor.  Each
      counselor is aware of graduation requirements and can identify courses that your child needs to complete in order to
      graduate.  Once you and your child have met with their school counselor, you will need to meet with the school's credit
      recovery teacher.  They will take the necessary steps to provide your child with login information and directions to use the
      web based credit recovery system.
4.   I know the district uses Edgenuity, is it used for credit recovery?
      Edgenuity is used by designated teachers at your student's boundary high school to facilitate credit recovery.
5.  Can credit recovery be completed online?
      Yes, Edgenuity is a web based system that allows students to complete learning modules via the Internet and then test their knowledge and mastery of those modules.  Comprehensive testing must be completed on-campus in a proctored testing environment.
6.  Can my child take tests at home using Edgenuity?
      No, all tests must be taken at a proctored testing location (generally their boundary high school).
7.  Once my child completes the proctored cumulative tests and passes, what comes next?
      First, congratulations need to be given to your child for passing their cumulative tests.  Second, the credit recovery teacher
      will contact your child's counselor to let them know all the requirements have been met to award credit for course.  The
      counselor will then add the credit to your child's official transcript.
8.   How long will it take for my child to complete each credit recovery course?
      Each child learns at a different pace and therefore it is difficult to tell how long each course will take them to complete.  Each
      course can generally be completed within 30 hours.  
9.   What happens if my child fails their cumulative test, can they retake it?
      If your child fails the cumulative test, they will need to speak with the credit recovery teacher who can provide personalized
      instruction in preparation for a re-test. 
10. Who can I contact for a copy of my child's transcript?
      Your child's school counselor or registrar can get you an official copy of their transcript.
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