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Where are we located?
  • Address: 211 S. Tooele Blvd. Tooele, Utah 84074 (co-located inside the Community Learning Center, room 126, directly across from the gym)
When are we open for business?
  • Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    • During the summer months of June and July, we are closed Fridays.
How can we be contacted?
  • Telephone:  435-833-8710 
  • Fax:  435-833-8788
  • Email:
  • Walk-ins- feel free to drop by and speak with one of our Blue Peak Online staff.  If you are registering as a full-time student at Blue Peak Online, please call and schedule an appointment as the intake process requires approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Any current or prospective 7th-12th grade student and at least one parent/guardian, are required to have an active email address to enroll with Blue Peak Online K12. 
  • Kindergarten-6th grade students are not legally allowed to have email until age 13, therefore an active parent email address is vital for teachers to communicate with parents.
Teachers are not required to unlock Edgenuity assignments, quizzes, tests and exams during weekends, holidays or during unusual hours (i.e. between 10pm and 7am).
Hal Strain, Director of Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High-Tooele 435-833-8711
Jim Langston, Assistant Director of Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High-Tooele 435-833-8705
Jared Small, Assistant Director of Blue Peak Online K12
Kristina Tobler- Secretary for Blue Peak Online K12
Courtney Davis, Counselor for Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High-Tooele 435-833-8719
Heidi Johansen, Registrar for Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High- Tooele 435-833-8714
Kathy Bullough,
Registrar for Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High-Tooele
Linda Kirby, Registrar for Blue Peak Online K12/My Tech High-Tooele 435-833-8710
Crystal Williams, Academic Coach for Blue Peak Online K12 435-833-8700  x.2256
Megan Vera, Academic Coach, Blue Peak Online K12 435-833-8700  x.2256
Jada Berry, Academic Coach, Blue Peak Online K12 435-833-8743
Amanda Warr, Academic Coach Blue Peak Online K12 435-833-8700 x.2256
Cliffette Munson, Instructional Coach for Blue Peak Online K12
Blue Peak Online K12 (7th-12 Grade) Teachers and Staff
Business Department
Vacant Business Office Specialist, Exploring Business & Marketing, Intro to Coding
Driver's Education 
Dr. Rick Harrison
Drivers Education 435-884-4460  Canvas
English Department
Miss Julianna Williams
English Language Arts 7th-12th grades
435-833-8717 Edgenuity
Fine/Visual Arts Department
Mrs. Ruth Nichols
Fine/Visual Arts 435-833-8734 Edgenuity
Health & PE Department
Mrs. Camille Clegg-Patch Fitness for Life, Health I & II, Participation Skills Serves students with surnames A-L 435-833-1904 Edgenuity
Ms. Karie Johnson
Fitness for Life, Health I & II, Participation Skills
Serves Students with surnames M-Z.
435-833-8700 x. 2246 Edgenuity
Mathematics Department
Mr. Tyler Rydalch
  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Math I 
  • Math Decision Making for Life
435-884-7100 Edgenuity
Miss Rebecca Bates
  • Math II,
  • Math III
  • Precalculus
  • Physics
  • Honors Physics
435-833-1978 x2151 Edgenuity
Science Department
Mrs. Jessie Doherty Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry 435-884-7706 Edgenuity
Mrs. Donna Ward Science 7, Science 8 & Environmental Science 435-833-1978 x2143 Edgenuity
Social Studies Department
Mr. Erik Jordan
  • Geography for Life
  • Honors US History II
  • US History II
  • Honors World Civilizations             1 & 2
  • World Civilizations    1 & 2
  • Honors U.S. Government & Citizenship
  • US Government & Citizenship
  • Honors Economics
  • Financial Literacy
435-833-8708 Edgenuity
Mr. John Medley
  • Utah Studies  (7th Grade),
  • US History I   (8th Grade)        
  • Honors Psychology A.
  • Psychology A.
  • Sociology
435-833-1978 x2011 Edgenuity
World Languages Department
Mrs. Yuan Kuang World Languages- Chinese 435-833-1940 ext. 1645 Edgenuity
Mr. Michael Young World Languages- German 435-833-1921 ext. 2580 Edgenuity
Mr. Rod Lundwall World Languages- Spanish 435-882-2479 ext. 4614 Edgenuity
Blue Peak Online K12 Special Education Teachers
Mrs. McKenzie Robinson Special Education, Department Chair  435-833-8712 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Miss Marisa Nielsen Special Education  435-833-8713 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mr. Joseph Krueger Special Education 435-833-8718 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Denise Wilkins Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2267 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Amy Jaskowick Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2266 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Brandi Richman Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2265 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Carmella Abel Special Education 435-882-4597 ext.3411 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Laura Bastian Special Education 435-882-9001 ext. 3658 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Holly Courtney Special Education 435-831-4090 ext.4251 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Makaylee Birky Special Education Speech/Language Technician Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Blue Peak Online K12 Part-time Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Barbara Montgomery Special Education- part time West Elem. 435-833-1931 ext.1405 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Teresa DeVries Special Education- part time West Elem 435-833-1931 ext. 1408 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Lauren Krueger Special Education-part time Rose Springs Elem. 435-833-9015 ext. 2914 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Alicia Yarborough Special Education-part time Rose Springs Elem. 435-833-9015 ext. 2639 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Jodie Barney Special Education-part time Grantsville Elem. 435-884-9991 ext. 6440 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Ashley Ferrara Special Education-part time Old Mill Elem. 435-833-9754 ext.1551 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Camille Rottler Special Education- part time Old Mill Elem.  435-833-9754 ext. 1582 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mr. Boyd Hazzard Special Education- part time Grantsville High 435-884-4500 ext. 3123 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Jennifer Buell-Nogues Special Education- part time Clarke N. Johnsen Jr. High 435-833-1939 ext. 3234 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Blue Peak Online K-6 Elementary Teachers
Mrs. Beverly Dobson Kindergarten Teacher 435-833-8700 ext. 2225 Pathblazer
Mrs. Michelle Fausett First Grade Teacher 435-833-1940 ext. 1614 Pathblazer
Ms. Chelsea Nash Second Grade Teacher 435-843-3820 ext. 2624 Pathblazer
Ms. Chandra Flake Third Grade Teacher 435-833-1906 ext. 2331 Pathblazer
Mrs. Angela Ferguison Fourth Grade Teacher 435-833-8700 ext. 2264 Pathblazer
Mrs. Katelyn Isaia Fifth Grade Teacher 435-833-8700 ext. 2263 Pathblazer
  Sixth Grade Teacher     Pathblazer
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