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Online Learning Questions and Answers

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Common questions and answers concerning Blue Peak Online:
Question:  How long does it take to complete registration with Blue Peak Online?
Answer: Usually about 30 minutes.  We look at transcripts (if available), work up a graduation plan, finalize required courses needed for graduation and then set an action plan for continued student growth.  We take the time necessary to answer questions while trying to keep the intake process as short as possible.
Question: What is Blue Peak Online?
Answer:  Blue Peak Online is Tooele County School District's alternative to traditional classroom instruction which uses a cloud based content delivery and learning management system called Edgenuity.
Question:  What makes Blue Peak Online any different than other competitors delivering online learning?
Answer:  Our highly educated staff use blended learning to provide optimal instruction for your child.  Blended learning uses traditional modes of instruction and incorporates the latest technological innovations to meet the varied learning modalities of each student (audio, visual, kinesthetic). Our goal is to provide students the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.
Question:  Is Blue Peak Online a good option to home schooling our high school aged children?
Answer:  Yes, Blue Peak Online learning is a outstanding option for any high school aged, home schooled student living in Tooele County.
Question:  What do I need to have at home to participate in online learning?
Answer:  A computer with speakers or headphones and a connection to the Internet
Question:  How old does my child have to be to enroll in an online learning program?
Answer: Blue Peak Online provides full-time enrollment for students in grades 10-12. 
Question:  Is there a cost for my child to participate in Blue Peak Online?
Answer: No, participating in Blue Peak Online doesn't cost anything.
Question:  What if we don't have a computer and want our child to participate in Blue Peak Online?                             
Answer:  Students can use a computer in the Adult Education lab at the Community Learning Center during Adult Education hours of operation.
Question: Does Tooele School District provide any other type of non-traditional e-learning?
Answer: Tooele County School District has partnered with My Tech High to offer K-12 instruction for students.
Question: If my child has dropped out of high school and hasn't turned 19, can they earn a diploma through Blue Peak Online?
Answer: If your child has dropped out of high school we would be happy to see what we can do to help them.  Please give us a call or drop by, we would love to speak with you.
Question:  Can my child participate part-time in online learning?
Answer:  Yes, they may take a number of A La Carte courses available through Edgenuity.
Question:  If my child wants to, can they participate full-time in Blue Peak Online learning?
Answer:  Yes, to be eligible for enrollment as a full-time student in Blue Peak Online, a student must:
  • currently be in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade
  • complete the first 10 hours of online coursework at the Community Learning Center's Adult Education lab
  • spend 25- 30 hours per week engaged in online coursework (5 days per week at 5 to 6 hours per day)
  • exhibit "academic integrity" which is the consistent display of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility while engaged in online coursework (which creates authentic learning).
  • refrain from "academic misconduct" which invalidates online learning by unethically obtaining information/data in order to alter coursework outcomes.  They type of misconduct applies to information/data obtained in order to complete assignments, quizzes and tests.  Misconduct also means: completion of coursework by someone other than the student, plagiarizing coursework,  using apps to directly answer quiz or test questions or cheating in an online course.  
Question: Once we register online to take courses via Blue Peak Online and submit a course request, how long does it take to get an email back from the course instructor welcoming my child to their requested course?
Answer:  The process should take no more than three days.
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