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Guest Teachers Welcome!



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tooele County School District Guest Teacher
That's right, GUEST TEACHER
We refer to substitutes as Guest Teachers because they are truly are a "Guest" of the teacher.
We have also found the students seem to perceive them in a more positive light...
"No sub today, we have a Guest in our room!"

Is Guest Teaching the Job for You?

There are many questions that prospective guest teachers ask themselves:
How do I know if I want to substitute teach without going into the classroom?
If I do decide to be a guest teacher, will I be any good at it?
What does the school district expect of guest teachers?
Is this the job for me?
With these things in mind, we encourage you to participate in the STEDI SubEssentials Introductory Course designed to help you decide if you want to continue the application process.
This training is offered at a minimal cost and exposes you to what is expected in a classroom
to help you learn if being a guest teacher is the job for you.
Do you already know you want to be a guest teacher?
This training is required to qualify for an interview but...
there is no cost to you after you submit your application.
   Hint: Knowledge of the course material will help prepare you for the job interview.  You'll get instructions for the training once you completely submit your online job application.

Why We Need You

Our guest teachers are an invaluable piece of the education picture. Tooele County School District strives to be The Best District in the Great State of Utah and we need great guest teachers to achieve that goal. The impact you can make on the life of a child is priceless. This is a great job for someone who wants a flexible schedule where you can choose the days, time and even the school(s) where you want to work! We need you!
Research shows that the average student spends more than one complete school year
with a substitute teacher during his or her K-12 educational career.
We want this time to be productive! 
Our students can't afford to waste a year of their education doing filler activities or watching videos. 
Students deserve to learn!
Thier parents deserve to know that when their student is in school, they will learn.
And our community deserves to know that their tax money is being put to good use when a guest is teaching.
We don't want substitutes that "babysit" the students,
we want guest teachers who
are prepared, engaging, and professional! 
Utilizing exceptional training courses exposes our guest teachers
to a vast selection of tools for success.
Attention must be paid to providing early and adequate support.
This is why we provide in-depth training through
offering research-based practices
to improve recruiting, training, and retention efforts
in our school district and throughout the United States. 
The online courses combined with on-site 
Professional Development training helps set the stage for success! 
Providing our guest teachers with tools they can use on the job;
such as classroom management, teaching strategies, and technology use,
increases the instructional atmosphere in the classroom.
It's a domino effect...  
We provide extensive training...
which raises the quality of our guest teachers...
which raises student achievement...
which makes for productive learning...
day after day, year after year!

By offering Training Opportunities we improve the learning environment
which is a critical component in the success of our children's education.

Want to Know More?

We invite you to explore the many guest teacher pages on this website
to learn more about this worthwhile job.
So, are you are interested in being a part of the guest teaching experience?
View Job Openings to see if Tooele County School District is currently hiring Guest Teachers.

Learn what to expect before, during and after applying for a GUEST TEACHER position.

We appreciate your interest in working with the Tooele County School District.  We encourage you to visit all our guest teacher pages to learn the expectations for the position. Refer to our Job Openings to confirm there is an open posting for guest teachers in your area.
   Hint: Click the APPLY button on your posting of interest in order for your application to be properly submitted.
   Note: Applications will only be accepted during open job postings.  
  • Applications and all file data become the property of Tooele County School District.
  • Applications can be accessed on Applitrack for one year (after the last time you updated) to submit to other positions.
  • All application and hiring status is sent via email. We recommend checking email regularly for follow-up information
There is no guarantee of employment.