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Child Nutrition Overview

Beginning Monday, April 13th, meals will be served TWO days per week. 

(This measure is being taken to limit our workers’ exposure to the public and their co-workers.)

Mondays: You will receive breakfast and lunch for Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesdays: You will receive breakfast and lunch for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Pick up times: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Pick Up Locations: We encourage you to go to the school that is geographically closest to your home. (For a list of locations click on the School Dismissal Meal Pick-Up Sites tab on the right.
  • Large Bags: Please note that the bags of food will be considerably large (6-12lbs of food per child) so plan to pick up by vehicle, or if you are walking, bring a cart, wagon or stroller.
  • Dietary Restrictions: With this type of distribution, we will not be able to accommodate specific dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten-free diets, peanut allergies, etc.), but each bag of food will provide many options for students.
  • If you are picking up meals for children that are not present: Please have the “Number of Children Vehicle Display” filled out and displayed as you come through the line. Signs will be required starting Monday, April 13. If you cannot print a sign at home, we will have some available upon request. (Sign is below)
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a drive-through, grab-and-go service. Parents and students SHOULD NOT remain at the grab-and-go locations to eat. Please do not congregate while in line or after you have received your meals. When you are walking to our sites keep a minimum of 6-feet distance between you and others around you. When you drive up, you may have to grab the meals through the window off of a tray.


On behalf of the entire TCSD CNP Team, we thank you for all of your help and support. Any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.


Casey Kress

CNP Supervisor


Please bring the sign below with you when you do not have children present at the time of pick-up.
On the left portion of the sign write a Large Y or N for Milk with your Meals.
In the box on the right portion of the page write your number of children in Large bold form.
Below you can write your child's name and age simply to notify us of the children that are receiving the meals.
You may continue on the back if you have a large group you are picking up for.
Please display this sign so our workers can view it easily.
Thank you!
FAQ on School Dismissal Feeding
Q. Are lunch numbers needed in order to pick up food? 
A. We were able to obtain an exemption to have all of our sites FREE! Anyone from anywhere 18 and younger can eat at any of our sites
Q. Is breakfast being offered as well as lunch? 
A. When a sack lunch is picked up during the afternoon, you can also pick up breakfast for the next morning. "Breakfast for tomorrow is picked up with lunch today."
Q. What if children needing lunch are stuck at home? 
A. We will allow pick up and delivery of meals from any of our sites to children 18 and younger at their homes. Upon arrival, let us know how many lunches you need for your 18 and younger children, and we will be happy to serve you.
Q. Will there be a menu? 
A. The updated menu can be found at the following link. Please note menus are subject to change without notice. 
Q. What about the Ibapah and Vernon area?
A. Sack lunches will be prepped and available at Ibapah Elementary and Vernon Elementary. This site is a FREE for anyone 18 years old and younger. (Plans are in place for meals to be delivered to the reservation children as well from Ibapah Elementary.)
Julia Child Quote

Child Nutrition Office

76 South 1000 West

Tooele, UT 84074


Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


This institute is an equal opportunity provider.

The Child Nutrition Program Welcomes You
Welcome to the world that revolves around feeding children
What an honor to have such a vital role in the live's of our future leaders!




Did you know?

There are many services we provide beyond putting food on a lunch tray. Our goal is to educate the community on these services and various programs geared to providing TCSD students, staff and parents with delicious, nutritious and interesting food. We invite you to visit all our pages to see what may apply to your household. We hope you find the site informative and helpful.


Veggie heart


    • Our elementary students learn about nutrition and are introduced to exciting fruit & veggies from all over the world through our weekly and monthly Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program.


    • We are committed to provide nutritious meals to every child in Tooele County either when they are at school or during the summer with the Free Summer Meal Program.


    • Students, and anyone else for that matter, can check what's for breakfast and lunch using the interactive online Nutrislice Program. Nutrislice allows the user to adjust settings to show various nutritional facts for any school meal item. Check it out, it's super cool!

Raising Hands

Getting State Assistance? On a Tight Budget? 

Free and Reduced meals are available to students who qualify. Qualifications and application information can be found by visiting the Free/Reduced Meals Application page. Applications need to be submitted via your parent Aspire account. An English and Spanish version is available.


On the Subject of Budgets...

If you want to know how much to budget for school meals, our handy Lunchroom Prices chart shows a breakdown of cost by month and year.  Whew, no more worrying how much to put into your student's lunch account.

Quick, Easy, Convenient Payments

We want to make it easy to pay for your students' lunch by offering free online payments. Learn all about how to make a Lunch Account Payment. You can pay by credit or debit card at your convenience - 24/7. You can even get a reminder when a payment needs to be made. How great is that?


Your Donation Can Help Pay for Student Meals

Visit the Donate to the Child Nutrition Program page to learn how to help students in need. Donations are confidentially distributed to whatever student(s) or school(s) you wish - or donate to nobody in particular and we'll find the students with the greatest need. Whatever you choose, every bit helps.