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The Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Program continues to help the community heal after a year of crisis.

The Tooele County School District (TCSD) is in a rural county 35 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah. It consists of 1 pre-school, 1 K-12 school, 1 online school, 14 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, 5 high schools, 1 adult education school, and a community learning center. TCSD serves a diverse population of approximately 16,000 students in grades K–12, encompassing a military base and an Indian reservation, across 7,286 square miles.

No School October 27th

There is no school Friday, October 27th due to the end of First Term. There will also be no school for kindergarten students Thursday, October 26th due to Parent Teacher Conferences.

Are you registered to vote?

Are you registered to vote for the November election?
If you are not, it is suggested to register at least 30 days prior to the November 7th election.
There are a few different ways to register:
- In Person
- Online
- Mail In

Argument for the Additional Voted Local Levy Tax

The Tooele County Board of Education is proposing to increase the voted local levy an additional .001 per dollar of the taxable value of the taxable property within the District. In 1998, the public voted in favor of allowing the District to levy a voted local levy of .0006 where it has remained since. If the proposed increase of .001 passes by the majority of voters this November it would allow the District to levy up to .0016 in the voted local levy.

BOE Votes to Apply Certified Tax Rate, Lowers Tax Rate

During the June 20th Budget Hearing, the Tooele County Board of Education voted to keep the same budgeted revenue as last year, less new growth. By applying the certified tax rate it will lower the school district tax rate from 0.009593 to 0.009122.

Freedom Writers author visits Tooele County School District

Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers author, founder, and teacher, was the keynote speaker at the TCSD Opening Institute for employees. Her story was the inspiration for the 2007 movie "Freedom Writers." Erin Gruwell began her teaching career in a rough neighborhood in LA to a group of kids that most people had given up on. Through her caring guidance, patience, and desire to equalize the playing field, she was able to help change students' lives. While here, Erin wanted to share a message to the parents in Tooele County.

Back-To-School Closet Success

Tooele County School District students and families gathered together at Tooele Junior High August 5th for the eighth annual Back-To-School Closet. Students received new clothing, shoes and backpacks to prepare for the new school year. More than 1,200 backpacks were handed out this year. Multiple families also received eye exams and glasses through the Mobile Eye Care 4 Kids, a nonprofit organization that brings eye care services to children in need.

TCSD to Host “Freedom Writer” Erin Gruwell

Each year Tooele County School District employees are welcomed back for the upcoming school year with "District Opening." TCSD is excited to announce "Freedom Writers" Erin Gruwell as the keynote speaker for the annual kick-off event.
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