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Chalk Talk- TEF Scholarships

To find success with scholarships start early and get organized. Look at all the scholarship options available to you, from highly competitive ones to smaller scholarships within your community. Scholarships have a great advantage…they don’t have to be paid back. However, winning scholarships does require work, but it pays off. If a student spends three hours writing an essay and wins $1,000 – that’s a lot of money per hour.

One of the key elements of the application process is writing an essay. Scholarship essays are really personal essays that you have to reflect on. You have to know who you are and what your goals and dreams are. You will need to paint a picture and tell your story so the judging committee is able to gain a sense of who you are, and how their scholarship will make a difference to you should you be the winning recipient.

While some scholarships reward academic achievement, there are many scholarships that also award college money to those who have overcome challenging situations, or have special circumstances associated with not having done as well in high school, for example. There are scholarships for out-of-state attendance, in-state attendance, and attendance within our own community.  Go-Local options include; Tooele Technical College and Utah State University – Tooele Campus. These are excellent choices as well.

Now is the right time to be thinking about applying for TEF scholarships! They will be available online through your high school counselor’s website prior to the Christmas holidays, or you can find them by going to and accessing them under the scholarships tab.

By completing the short application forms and sharing about yourself through an essay, you may just find that your effort pays off in a big way! A TEF scholarship can be a nice catalyst with helping you attend the school of your dreams!

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