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District shares video surveillance feeds with emergency responders

Using ExacqVision technology, the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, Tooele and Grantsville City Police Departments, the Tooele County Emergency Management Operations Center, and dispatch centers will be able to view the schools’ live camera feeds in their respective jurisdictions.

“As a district we feel it is in the best interest of our students as a safety precaution,” said Doelene Pitt, TCSD assistant superintendent. “We work with the departments in emergency situations and giving them access helps them have a faster, more exact location for a response.”

Sharing the videos will help in a variety of situations. Everyone agrees the best outcome is that lives can be saved.

"With the recent events that have happened in schools, this is a good tool for us to have in place,” said Paul Wimmer, Tooele County sheriff. “When responders have eyes inside, we can pinpoint, for example, where an active shooter may be. This capability will help save lives in an emergency.”

Bucky Whitehouse, Tooele County Emergency Management Services director, said the use of this tool will increase response time to an emergency event.

“The faster we can understand what’s going on, the faster we can address the problem,” said Whitehouse.

The video feeds will be password protected and limited to use for reasonable causes and incidents. Use of the footage can also help investigators after an incident has occurred.

“We are pleased about the decision to allow police officers access to the school video surveillance feeds,” said Ron Kirby, Tooele City Police chief. “Officers will be able to respond inside a school with greater effectiveness if they can see what is happening inside a school in real time.”

Jacob Enslen, Grantsville City Police chief, added, “Our response can be so much better and efficient. We will be able to see where to look and who to look for. There are a lot of practical uses for this.”

Exploration of this option started last spring. During the summer steps were taken by both the district and emergency responder information technology teams to make it happen. A trial run of the ExacqVision servers begins in September of this year.

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