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"Scholarship Time" Chalk Talk

College can be expensive, so TEF is happy that these scholarships are available to help alleviate the financial burden on students.  Graduating students planning to attend two- or four-year colleges or universities, as well as vocational or technical schools, are encouraged to apply.

While many students go away from the Tooele community to participate in their post-high school education, we want to remind students that we have some amazing options for this kind of education right here in our own community via Utah State University and the Tooele Technical College.  Part of the purpose behind TEF offering scholarships is to make sure we have bright kids that come back and support our community and be the next great leaders of our community. 

As a former high school principal, I had the opportunity to assist senior students with their scholarship applications by reading and offering suggestions.  And, while there are many details to pay attention to when completing an application, two pieces of advice I often shared were: first, each scholarship applied for needs to be specifically tailored to the requirements within each scholarship.  Do not simply write a generic application and submit it for the many various scholarships you intend to apply for.  Scholarship committees may still give consideration to an application submitted in this manner, but it most likely will not be one considered as a finalist for an award.  Second, if an essay is a requirement, make sure to spend the appropriate amount of time writing a quality essay.  This is where you have the opportunity to connect with the reviewing committee and shine – so polish it up!

Now is the right time to be completing and submitting requests for financial support as you consider options for college.  Students interested in learning more about TEF’s various scholarship opportunities are encouraged to visit their high school scholarship coordinator or guidance counselor for more details.

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