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Season of Change - Chalk Talk

Speaking of seasons and changes, non-profit organizations go through various changes as well. Projects and programming take their turns in cycles that are predictable and observable. Much like nature’s changing seasons, organizations go through leadership changes. This means someone new is transitioning-in.

We want to share some exciting organizational changes and what this means for our foundation as we move forward in this new 2018 year. We are pleased to announce that our executive director, Dr. Ed Dalton, is transitioning into a new position. This change in leadership is part of a strategic plan to help strengthen, grow and increase the effectiveness of TEF. Dr. Dalton is not leaving TEF, but simply shifting his focus toward activities that have the purpose of strengthening the foundation. He will no longer provide day-to-day organizational leadership.

The second part of this leadership change is the bringing aboard of a new executive director. At its December 7th meeting, the TEF board of directors, in cooperation with TCSD Superintendent of Schools, appointed Mr. Clint Spindler as TEF’s new executive director. Mr. Spindler is familiar to many people in our community as he has been a member of the Tooele education family for many years. He has served as a classroom teacher and school administrator. Clint is viewed as a collaborative leader who will continue to lead TEF forward with the same progressive philosophy that has served TEF well.

With this change and new beginning, we are hopeful that this coming year will enrich and enhance learning in the Tooele County School District.

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