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Argument for the Additional Voted Local Levy Tax

Currently under state law, the State will guarantee on up to .0016 of the voted local levy.  What this guarantee means is that if our District is not able to generate enough funds in a given year through property tax, then the state will make up the difference by sending additional state revenues.  For example, in 2016 the District’s voted local levy of .0006 generated an estimated $4,649,363.37 in total revenues, $2,424,027.97 of that came from our .0006 property tax levy and the remaining $2,225,335.40 came from state guarantee monies.  In other words for $1 of local property taxes that the District generated, the State sent an additional $0.92 in guarantee funds.  Using those same estimates from 2016, if the voted local levy was set at .0016 (a .001 increase), it would generate an additional $4,040,047 in property tax revenues and an additional $3,708,892 in state guarantee funds for a total of $7,748,939 of new revenue.

Tooele County School District urges voters to vote in favor of the additional voted local levy as this additional revenue will be used to increase employee compensation and benefits for our valued employees.


Some of our best employees have been tempted of late to commute into Salt Lake City as the School Districts in the Salt Lake Valley have been increasing wages to attract employees.  This “Salary War,” as some have begun to call it, is increasing the pressure for us to remain competitive in order to attract the best employees we can for the sake of our children in Tooele County.  We believe this is an appropriate response to the current market of supply and demand.


With the increase in additional funds, the District will be able to increase employee compensation and benefits to attracted employees. After all, the greatest asset the School District has is the collective knowledge and experience of our human capital (our employees).  The District plans to increase the wages of all employees (Teachers, Support Professionals, and Administration).  For example, with this increase the District is already looking at ways to increase the beginning compensation for a Teacher to a minimum salary of $40,000.  This is a competitive wage when compared to the Salt Lake Districts, and which is a $3,000 increase from the 2017-2018 wages.  We fully believe that the increase in funds will help us for years to come by growing our human capital, which will in turn benefit our children for generations.

For more information please go to the "Voted Local Levy" tab at, under "About TCSD." If there are any questions, or a request to submit an "Argument For" or "Argument Against" the Voted Local Levy, please email [email protected]

Patrons can also call 435-833-1902 to leave a voicemail. 

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