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Earth Day 2017

Earthday.Org announced the theme for this year is Environmental & Climate Literacy, because “Education is the foundation of progress.”
A few ways the school district has helped the environment include using the digital flyer program, Peachjar. Over the past year, TCSD has saved 3,405,916 sheets of paper and 409 trees by using Peachjar instead of sending home paper flyers.
From July 2015 to June 2016 the entire district avoided spending $908,875 on energy/utility bills. It’s great for cost savings, but it’s also good for the environment. By shutting down computers at the schools on nights and weekends as well as efficient power use each day the district helps save precious natural resources and cuts down on pollution.
Annually, the Tooele Education Foundation with the sponsorship of Cargill has planted 50 trees throughout the district.
For Earth Day, TEF and Cargill will plant and additional 15 trees at West Elementary School. And, throughout the year they added 15 more trees at Tooele High School, Stansbury High School, and Grantsville High School
There are multiple ways our staff, teachers, and students are being environmentally friendly.
For example, at Sterling Elementary there are about 30 students who collect recycling every Wednesday morning and take it to the recycling bin. Not only do the students collect the recycling, they also are proactive in their own classrooms to make sure that papers are being put in the correct containers.
These are just a few examples of how the district is being environmentally-conscious.
We’d love to hear some of the ways you regularly help the environment. #EarthDay2017 
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