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School Boundary Changes

New school boundary lines needed to be established with the opening of two new schools next year, Old Mill Elementary in the fall of 2017, and Sterling Elementary in the winter of 2017.

A boundary advisory committee was formed and was made up of parent volunteers, principals, district representatives, technical advisors (student transportation, student information secretaries, instructional technology), teacher representative, and school board members.

The boundary advisory committee was established to:

  • Review current school demographic data, current school boundary zones, feeder school patterns, and projected growth in school areas.
  • Formulate criteria for reviewing boundary options.
  • Propose preliminary boundary options for Old Mill Elementary and boundaries for impacted schools in northern valley.
  • Share proposed options with school communities (PTA, Community Councils), and obtain feedback.
  • Share concerns, and questions from communities with the committee.
  • Discuss, review, and revise boundary options as necessary after obtaining feedback from communities.
  • Report a summary of the process and several options to the Superintendent and Tooele County School Board of Education.

The boundary advisory committee completed its work and presented the options from the committee for review by the Tooele County School District Board of Education.

March 8th, a Public Hearing was held at Rose Springs Elementary for patrons to come and speak to board members about their concerns regarding boundary changes. 

March 14th, during the TCSD Board of Education meeting, Option C was voted on with the caveat that Middle Canyon Elementary would continue to house the Dual Language Immersion program for Spanish. This does create a potential for Middle Canyon Elementary to close school boundaries for next school year due to capacity, (Policy 5017- School Admission: Resident and Non-resident Students.) 

Boundary changes go into effect Fall of 2017.

For more information about what Option C entails please review the document, "TCSD School Boundary Change Description-Option C."


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