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Preschool program moves into local elementary schools

"Ideally, we want preschools in our elementary schools,” said Dr. Scott Rogers, Tooele County School District superintendent. “Although we cannot accommodate having them in all of our schools right now, this is the first step in trying to meet that goal.”

The ELC building has been renamed the Youth and Family Resource Center and now houses Student Services, Federal Programs, Youth in Custody, Counseling, Social Services, and School Nurses. 

There are multiple benefits for moving the preschool classes into elementary schools, one being accessibility for families.

“I really like having more central locations to allow more families to access the preschool programs,” said Christy Opeta, TCSD preschool director. “There's also better communication between the preschool and kindergarten teachers and being able to involve preschool students and their families in the school community.”

The TCSD preschool program is focused on play-based learning using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale to help assess students’ progress in the program. Play centers are created for students based on the different units and topics they learn about during class.

Preschool students are placed based on their boundary elementary school and availability.

Anna Smith Elementary    Wendover area
Copper Canyon Elementary  Copper Canyon, Middle Canyon Elementary Schools
Grantsville Elementary Grantsville and Willow Elementary Schools
Northlake Elementary     Northlake and ½ of Overlake Elementary Schools
Old Mill Elementary      Old Mill and Stansbury Park Elementary Schools
Rose Springs Elementary Rose Springs and ½ of Overlake Elementary Schools
Sterling Elementary   Sterling Elementary
West Elementary              West, Settlement, and Sterling (overflow) Elementary Schools

Registration is open to those in the Vernon, Ibapah, or Dugway areas if they choose to drive to an available preschool. They may also qualify for select services in their area if the child is on an Individualized Education Plan.

An IEP is a plan or program developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability who is attending an educational institution receives specialized instruction and related services.

To register for preschool, families must first contact the preschool office to check for availability and qualifications. Registration is held annually. Children that turn three or four-years-old by September 1 may enroll for the next school year.

“We have limited capacity preschool classes. Preschool programs are not funded through the state. Instead, preschools are funded through grants, special education, and special programs,” said Opeta. “Students can qualify to attend preschool through a grant, Title 1, an IEP, or tuition based. It’s best to reach out to the preschool office to see if there is availability and if a student qualifies.”

Classes can have up to 16 preschool students. They are filled with one third of students who qualify for the Expansion Grant, one third who qualify for special education services, and one third who live in the boundary of a Title 1 school or who choose to pay tuition.

States that use Expansion Grants reach and serve eligible children in two or more high-need communities, according to the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services.

According to the Utah State Board of Education, if a school qualifies for the status of being a Title 1 school, they must have high numbers or percentages of children from low-income families. This program was created to ensure all students have equitable opportunities to meet academic standards.

For school or class-specific questions, please contact the school or the preschool teacher.

For questions about registration, tuition, and special education referrals, please call the TCSD Preschool Program Director or Secretary at 435-833-1966 or email [email protected].


Tuition can now be paid in person, mail or online.

In-Person and Mail:

ATTN: Preschool

92 Lodestone Way

Tooele, Ut 84074





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