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WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online

“We love that our students are involved in so many activities,” said Dr. Scott Rogers, Tooele County School District superintendent. “But, we also understand travel time to events can take away from study time. The Wi-Fi has been added as one more tool to help students be successful.”

The superintendent added, not only will this help students traveling long distances for extracurricular activities, but coaches who are also teachers can use the Wi-Fi as well to review coursework while on the road.

According to Dustin Nelson, TCSD Transportation supervisor, it’s not unheard of for students to travel more than 100-miles one-way for an activity.

“Having a connection to the internet will allow students access to their *Canvas accounts and other educational sites,” said Nelson. “They can work on their homework and submit assignments while away instead of having to wait until they get home in the evening.”

The Wi-Fi was first installed April 29 and is fully operational for use.

*Canvas is a learning management system used by TCSD.

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