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Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services can be offered to any student with a disability. These services aid students in exploring and planning for successful future employment, through training in: career exploration, workplace readiness, counseling on postsecondary education and work-based learning.

“With the collaboration between USBE and USOR, we can increase the transition related services provided to our students while they are in still in school,” said Kristen Linares, Tooele County School District Transition Coordinator specialist. “This is great news for our students. Research has shown that if we provide students those supports before graduating, positive outcomes are increased long-term.”

Seven years ago, Stephanie Carman was involved in a car accident where she suffered major head trauma after being thrown from the vehicle. As a result of the accident, Stephanie’s cognitive thinking was permanently impaired. Today, she is a creative 11th grader at Tooele High School and this is her success story working with a Pre-ETS provider.

Initially, Stephanie had no intentions of continuing her education after graduation. She had participated in special education opportunities through the school district to obtain work experience, but had a difficult time staying at the job positions very long. She needed help figuring out what she was going to do after graduation and how to apply and maintain a job.

After talking with her high school counselor, Stephanie was referred to a Pre-ETS provider, LSI Career Advocate, Alisha Byron.

“Our first step was to take a Career Cluster Assessment to see what areas of work that she would be interested in,” said Byron. “Her results showed that she likes to help people, she enjoys a busy environment and is very creative.”

Together they talked about how broad each of those areas are and then connected job fields to coordinating jobs.

“When we talked about cosmetology, Stephanie lit up,” said Byron. “She had colored her own hair with products bought from the grocery store, and had experimented on her sisters as well.”

They began to work on Stephanie’s professional character and workplace readiness skills. Since Stephanie’s thought process can wander into other areas and topics, mock interviews were also conducted several times a week to help prepare her for future job interviews.

Stephanie’s work-based opportunity came from ‘A Cut Above’ salon located in Tooele, under the supervision of Amy Carlson.

“Stephanie was appropriately dressed when she was picked up that morning and had printed a copy of her newly created resume,” said Byron. “She and I reviewed again what were appropriate questions to ask to a business owner, and only use questions related to the career field of choice.”

Carlson showed Stephanie all aspects of the salon. She explained that there were many different sides to working there. They started with getting it set up for the day, washing towels and sanitizing the work stations. They discussed throughout the day the education she needed to become a cosmetologist which fueled Stephanie’s desire to start a career in cosmetology.

Since then, Stephanie has expressed her excitement as she moves towards her goals to attend Tooele Technical College to become a cosmetologist.

The six-weeks of working one-on-one with her career advocate paid off. Stephanie received positive feedback from her time spent at “A Cut Above” salon.

“Stephanie was positive, excited and helpful,” said Carlson. “Often times I didn’t even have to ask, she just started helping. I loved having her around.”

With the help from the Pre-ETS providers, qualifying students can receive help in applying for various applications, such as: Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, as well as job and college applications. The providers can also help set-up college tours, summer internships, and job samples.

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