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Tooele Education Foundation

The Tooele Education Foundation (TEF) promotes and enhances excellence in education throughout the Tooele County School District. Formed in 2010, TEF works to develop and implement school improvement initiatives, create model programs and projects, award innovative education and leadership, and fund and award student scholarships. TEF leverages community support and strives to strengthen and improve public education.

Ophir Canyon Education Center

The old mining town of Ophir, Utah was inherited by Tooele County School District in 2017 when the town disincorporated. The school district along with the Tooele Education Foundation has worked to create a place of learning while connecting students to local history, nature, and geography.

Check out this episode of Elevated Insights to learn about TEF and Ophir Canyon Education Center:

Ophir arch 124 with greenery
Student in baseball taking picture of greenery
Students taking pictures of old mining equipment with plastic skeleton